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2019-2020 Uniform Sizing Day

Uniform Sizing Day Information

To expedite the sizing process, please show up on time & have your player wear spandex and a t-shirt

Sunday, September 8

Sizing TimeTeamHead CoachMeeting TimeMeeting Location
1:00pm15 ASICS Black Val1:30pmConference Room
1:30pm15 ASICS RedPeggy2:00pmCourt 3
2:00pm15 ASICS BlueAndy2:30pmConference Room
2:30pm15 National Chantol3:00pmCourt 3
3:00pm15 Elite BlackCrystal3:30pmConference Room
3:30pm15 Elite RedTrista4:00pmCourt 3
4:00pm16 ASICS BlackRay4:30pmConference Room
4:30pm16 ASICS RedToa5:00pmCourt 3
5:00pm16 ASICS BlueLa5:30pmConference Room
5:30pm16 NationalMike6:00pmCourt 3
6:00pm17ASICS BlackBen6:30pmConference Room
6:30PM17 ASICS RedSherry7:00pmCourt 3
7:00pm17 NationalDawn6:00pmCourt 4
7:30pm18 ASICS BlackJanine6:30pmCourt 6

Sunday, September 15

Sizing TimeTeamHead CoachMeeting TimeMeeting Location
1:00pm11 National Cindy1:30pmCourt 3
1:30pm12 ASICS BlackTaani2:00pmConference Room
2:00pm12 ASICS RedCindy2:30pmCourt 3
2:30pm13 ASICS BlackToa3:00pmConference Room
3:00pm13 ASICS RedThien3:30pmCourt 3
3:30pm13 NationalCasey4:00pmConference Room
4:00pm13 Elite BlackPamela4:30pmCourt 3
4:30pm14 ASICS BlackLa5:00pmConference Room
5:00pm 14 ASICS RedKameshia5:30pmCourt 3
5:30pm14 NationalElease4:30pmCourt 4
6:00pm14 Elite BlackShanice5:00pmCourt 6