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College Recruiting

College Recruiting at Texas Image Indoor and Sand Volleyball

Let your club HOME help you find your college HOME!

What we can do for YOU

    • Newsletters before major tournament to college coaches inviting them to our courts
    • Informative spreadsheets to recruiters showcasing our players
    • Two on-site recruiting specialists!
      • Susan Kaufman and Melissa Manly
    • PCVB (Play College Volleyball) classes
      • Recruiting regulations
      • Narrowing your college search
      • Learning how to communicate with coaches
    • Provide the Web Package
      • Personalized Profile Website with monthly reminders and editing
      • College Coach Finder
      • Profile Self Video Uploads
      • And much more!
    • Develop your TOTAL recruiting package
    • Advise what coaches want to see in your skills video
    • Image Access Only – Bulletin Board of colleges asking for players 

Let us promote YOU! – Our Texas Image coaches – are in constant contact with college coaches sharing volleyball skill and athletic milestones.

We are excited to have YOU play at the next level!

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