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Texas Image has partnered with to help you in your college recruitment process!

If you need help or have questions about your Texas Image account, please contact Susan Kaufman at

What is is an online recruiting tool endorsed by USA Volleyball as The Official Recruiting Tool of USA Volleyball. streamlines the recruiting process and exponentially increases your visibility among college coaches by making it convenient for them to see you play and view your profile.

Each player has been provided with a personal one yr. membership to as an athlete of the recruiting age.

Through your account, you are able to maintain a secure online player profile, upload unlimited amounts of video, search for schools (every program in the country is a registered user!), and send a personal email message to any coach the country in minutes.

How Does work?

1. You maintain an online player profile: Your profile includes every piece of information a college coach would ever need to know about you: your contact information, your coach’s information, your academic information, your transcripts, your tournament schedule, etc. You keep this profile up to date at all times as it is your “Volleyball Resume”.

2. You upload video to your profile: There is no limit to the amount of video you can upload. If you need assistance with video editing, can help you edit a professional skills video and or highlight reel. All you have to do is indicate which clips you would like represented in your reel by completing the appropriate Highlight Reel Form or Skills Video Form.

  • Upgrade to Skills Video Editing = $150
  • Upgrade to Highlight Reel Editing = $350
  • Upgrade to Skills Video and Highlight Reel Editing = $450

If you are interested in upgrading contact or call 303-929-8587.

3. Search Schools: Once your player profile is complete, you are ready to contact college programs. But whom should you contact? To find schools that fit your criteria, the Search Schools feature is used, which allows you to search every volleyball program in the country by size, academic selectivity, region and division.

4. Reach out to coaches: Once you have a list of the schools you would like to contact, you use’s internal messaging system to contact the college coaches from those programs. No more looking for email addresses, uploading video to YouTube or spending hours at the Post Office. All of your communication is handled from your account. With every message that leaves the system, an embedded link is automatically added to your message that takes the coach directly to your full profile and video. Coaches love when players use because the coach is given instant access to all of a player’s information and video in one convenient location. One click and the coach will have everything he or she needs to properly evaluate you!