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18 Mizuno Ben


Strength & Conditioning - 2x /wk - $125
Strength & Conditioning - 1x /wk - $65

Ben Kubik
18 Mizuno - Head Coach

Casey Tribble
18 Mizuno - Asst Coach


4 Veronica Dollar
Committed to University of South Alabama

3 Jada Hall

9 Lauren Jenkins

1 Sydney Little
Committed to Texas A&M University

10 Kelli McKinnon

5 Sabrina Monaco
Committed to Stephen F Austin University

11 Kenna Muff
Committed to Texas Women's University

16 Sabrina Simms
Committed to Oklahoma University

12 Taylor Stoops
Committed to University of Arkansas - Fort Smith

8 Rachel Tullos
Committed to Arkansas State University


Jan 6-7, 2018MLK
NTR Bid Event
Tournament Info
Jan 13-15, 2018Tour of Texas
Qualifier (San Antonio)
Tournament Info
Jan 26-28, 2018AVC
18s National Qualifier (Dallas)>
Tournament Info
Feb 2-3, 2018Tour of Texas
Stop 2 (Dallas)
Tournament Info
Feb 23-25, 2018Beast of the Southeast
18s National Qualifier (Atlanta)>
Tournament Info
March 3-4, 2018Tour of Texas
Tour Finals (Houston)
Tournament Info
March 17-18, 2018NTR Regionals
Regional Bid Championship
Tournament Info
March 24-26, 2018NEQ
18s National Qualifier (Philadelphia)>
Tournament Info